Saturday, September 18, 2010

A {Ghost} Story

Once upon a time, there was a ghost. A lonely ghost. He was so lonely. All by himself...

Ahhh! Doesn't he look sad??? Well, one day, this lonely ghost came upon another ghost. She was lovely. They fell in love :) And the ghost wasn't so sad anymore!

What a cute couple! But, this ghost couple knew that they weren't quite complete as a family. So, what did they do???? They had a BABY!!!

And the ghost family lived happily ever after!

The End!

Don't you love these? I made them out of, let's see. The daddy ghost is made from yogurt containers, the mommy ghost is made from jello containers, and the baby ghost is made from hummus containers. I knew I saved all those for a reason! They started out trying to be mummies, like the ones here  but Matt said they looked more like ghosts, so that's what they are. My little ghost family.{If you want to know how I made them, I pretty much did the same as Inspiring creations, only I used plastic cups instead of terra cotta, cut out foam eyes instead of googly eyes, and didn't paint the containers. Other than that, pretty much the same thing!}   Of course, I can't get away with putting these out for a couple more weeks. It isn't quite October, yet, and these are definitely not "fall" decorations. hehe. 

Well, test complete. Waiting for the score. Matt's mom is coming for a visit tomorrow, so I guess I'll be doing some mad straightening up in the morning. My garden is doing awesome! I think the neighborhood cats are enjoying walking around in it, though....ergh! That's annoying! I'll have to do something about that! But, I have tons of sprouts coming up: more every day. 

Happy Fall, Everyone! 



  1. I had just seen Kate's blog about her news and was wondering if this was your way to let us know about YOUR news. Peggy

  2. Haha, very funny. Nope, not at all. Just a ghost story I made up since I had three little ghosts make that clear. I am NOT pregnant! Sorry to disappoint you guys!