Monday, September 27, 2010

More Paper Pumpkins :} Tutorial

You know I can't resist. I was sure, just a couple days ago, that I was done. Not making any more pumpkins. But, then I saw this cute idea over at Craftberry Bush, and it got me thinking. Well, I don't have a paperback book I can destroy {I'm not sure I could ever do that... :} but I do have scrapbooking paper. So...I tried my own take on these pumpkins. AND....I have a tutorial for you. This is my first try at doing a full tutorial, so bear with me. Well, here goes....
So, you wanna learn how to make these adorable pumpkins? 

 Here's what you'll need:

Paper (my pumpkins are 6 inches in diameter, but you need to decide how big you want your pumpkins)
You will need enough for at least 6 "layers"
Paper cutter
Glue Gun
Craft knife
Scissors (optional)
Paper scorer (the end of my craft knife)
You will also need a template (the red paper semi-circle in this picture) and paper for a stem

First, cut your paper into rectangles. Mine are 3"x6". I would suggest making the rectangles half as wide as they are long.
Next, score your paper in half. This is not essential, but it makes a nice clean line for folding, and allows the paper to be folded together. You could fold it by hand, too.

{Not shown: My paper was pretty flimsy, and only one sided. I actually laid two pieces back to back and glued them together. That way, there is no white showing. And the layers are more sturdy. You could eliminate this by using thicker cardstock or double sided scrapbooking paper.}

Then, stack your paper together and fold in half. Lay the template on top and trace it out.

Cut out with a craft knife. This is the hardest part, getting all the layers. My hand got tired by the end!

Now, decide on a layout. Begin to glue together.

Start with the bottom layers (in this picture) first and work your way up. I just put a line of hot glue on the spine of the first layer and attach the next layer to it. I held it in place the way I wanted it to dry. This makes your job easier later.

Halfway, you'll want to attach your stem. I cut a strip of 1/2"x4" brown paper. Hot glue into place. {I realized this was too long, and cut the stem later}

You'll end up with something like this. Not very pumpkin-like. But, never fear, just fluff the layers.

And, here it is. The finished pumpkin. :)
And it joins the pile. The pile of pumpkins. The pumpkin patch?

Well, there you have it. My paper pumpkins. I think they are super cute!


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  1. They are adorable! Good job missie! :)

  2. Oh Pam'la! Too cute! You are turning into such the domesticated woman in Sunny Southern Cali.

    and I enjoyed reading the tutorial, too!

  3. I love them! Great tutorial!

    I'm visiting from Whatever Goes Wednesdays, check me out!

  4. This is adorable. I am highlighting this at Grab my "featured" button.

  5. Adorable! Can't wait to make me some! Would love to have you visit and link up with Make It Fantabulous! on Friday!

  6. This is great! They're so cute, and just out of paper...who would've thought?!

    Great job!