Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Ok, for those of you who came over here from Peggy's site and want to see more about our trip to London, just scroll down :)

So, today I climbed on the scale. I never thought I would say this, but I weigh less than 135 pounds. I can't believe it, I'm in total shock. My clothes are huge on me. My pants keep falling off. This isn't a huge deal for my jeans, since I can just put on a belt. But with my work/school clothes, there are no belt loops. I'm considering taking them to Ann's (the local tailor shop) and having her take in the seams. I don't want all these clothes to go to waste, but I can't keep pulling up my pants all day every day either. It gets old after a while.

The other exciting thing is my shirts have started to fit me right once again. I went through a phase where I would wear a sweater or a jacket to hide the fact that my shirts were too small. But now, I can pretty much wear any shirt in my closet. It has been a long time since that happened. I'm excited for summer to come, when shorts get shorter and trips to the beach (hopefully almost every day) will become more frequent. I'm excited, maybe for the first time in my life, to put on a bathing suit.

So, Matt and I are on our last week of Round 1 of P90X. We are already preparing for Round 2. I'm excited to see how much further I can take this. I mean, how much better shape can I get into than I am right now? Oh, and btw, I'm running a 5K this weekend. That's right! I don't know how well I'll do, but lets just say I'm excited to test my actual fitness level. I haven't run in a long time, but being 10-15 pounds lighter might make a huge difference, don't you think? I haven't ridden my bicycle in a while, but Matt and I are determined to stay on the same schedule, even between rounds of P90x, so on our down week, we're going to try to ride bikes in the morning. We'll see how that goes. I think it has been too long since I've really ridden, and I'm excited to get "back in the saddle."

Anyways, just a rambling update to let everyone know what's going on. I'm muddling through school. I taught my first 2 lessons to the fifth graders. I taught them Math about percentages and turning percents into decimals and fractions, and then trying to find the discount for a sale. Fun stuff. Then I did a guided reading lesson with two groups of students. I've never done that before, so that was a little different. But I liked it. The students were so insightful.

Well, I'm going to relax for the next hour and enjoy my little mini-break before it is off to class once again. I'll talk to you more later,


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  1. yeah, you should take your clothes to Ann, she'd do a great job! :)
    I still need to sign up for the 5k, i promise I'll talk to Donna that Granny is off to SLC. I hope it's not too late!
    have fun at class tonight.
    and...congrats on being below 135...I'm right behind you!