Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday and Tuesday

So, Monday and Tuesday. Let's see, what did we do? Well, we started out taking a "Top of the Bus" Tour. That was a lot of fun. We ended up at the Tower of London, and had a really fun tour, then took a boat ride back up the Thames to Westminster, finished up on the Top of the Bus at Marble Arch, and took some regular busses back to Mom's flat. Or that's how I remember it. I think we might have stopped in for some dinner at one of Mom's favorite restaurants. We were the only people in there. Here's some pics from the day...
Me and Mom on the top of the bus

Can you see us in the reflection? Cool pic, huh?

Trafalgar square during the day.

Tower Bridge, from London Bridge.

Me and Mom, in the Tower of London, with Tower Bridge in the background.

Mom an Peggy with the Eye behind

The Eye and Big Ben, at night.

Tuesday-Leicester Square, Covent Garden (a big Market), British Museum, and the Lion King!!!!
How fun is that? Here are a few pics...
Mom and me in front of Charley Chaplin's statue

Covent Garden, where the first Punch and Judy puppet shows took place.

Me, Mom, and Peggy at the British Museum

Me and Mom, before Lion King.

Ok, I really have to go to school now, so I'll continue this later.



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