Monday, March 16, 2009


Wednesday was our busiest day, or at least the day we traveled the furthest. It was the first day Mom had to go back to work, and boy did we miss her! But we decided to pack in a bunch of stuff. We took the tube to Westminster, looked around the Abbey, but didn't go in b/c it was pretty expensive. We looked into going to see a session of Parlaiment, but evidently the PM (Prime Minister) was set to speak and there was a long line and no tickets. So we walked over to the London Eye, where there was no line, and saw an awesome view. The Eye is technically not a Ferris Wheel, it is an "Observation Wheel." Whatever! Anyways, that was way cooler than the last time I went, b/c it was sunny and we could see a long ways. We were hungry, so Peggy and I went to a "sushi go round" called Yo!Sushi. That was a fun experience! Next, we took the train to Greenwich (as in Greenwich Mean Time) and walked through the Maritime Museum, then up the hill to the Royal Observatory where they keep GMT time. It was a cool place, and we learned all about the clocks they built to solve the problem of Longitude. Ask Peggy to elaborate, b/c she knows the whole cool story. Anyways, we headed back towards Mom's work, and had dinner at an Indian restaurant, then met up with Mom. She was done earlier than we expected, and was hungry, so we went to the Creperie (where they make Crepes) and she had dinner while we had dessert. I could only eat half my crepe, and took the rest home. I wanted to work out, so I did while Peggy and Mom went to see Big Ben and the Eye at night, and then stopped in at Leicester Square for some souvenir shopping.

In front of Westminster Abbey, where the kings and queens have been crowned for a long, long, time.

Parliament (Big Ben) with the London Eye in the background.

Parlaiment and Westminster Abbey from the top of the Eye

Here's the sushi-go-round. Cool, huh?

Then it was on to Greenwich.
This is the Maritime Museum to the right, with a covered walkway leading to the Princess House (or something like that. It might be the Queens House. I can't remember)

The hill up to the Royal Observatory.

This is the view from the top of the hill. The city in the background is London.

Me, straddling the Prime Meridian. Pretty cool, huh?

It was a great day. We had tons of fun and saw so much. :)

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