Monday, March 16, 2009

England was Brilliant!

Ok, so that's how they say it over there. I think "brilliant" is their favorite adjective. One thing that I'm not going to miss is the keyboards; when we used the computers at Mom's work, some of the keys are all mixed up. Ask Peggy. It was crazy.

Anyways, I guess I want to give just a little synopsis of our trip.
Saturday: Arrival-me at 6 am, Peggy around 10am. Both Peggy and I entered the country without Mom's phone number or address. I guess we were both lucky that she came to get us, huh? Well, after we got Peggy, and rode the train back to Mom's, we dropped our suitcases off and headed out for lunch. We got lunch at a Pret A Manger, which is a great "take away" place. We got sandwiches and ate them on a bench outside the Victoria and Albert Museum. Then we went quickly to Mom's work, checked in with home on email, and headed out for a walk. We walked down the block, got on the bus at Hyde Park, and rode to Notting Hill Gate, where we walked down to Portobello Road. You might remember this from Mary Poppins (if you don't, don't feel bad. I didn't remember the song either, but Peggy did!)
Here's us on Portobello Road- where you can get whatever you want!

We also saw this cute shop, and Mom and I HAD to get our picture taken by it:

Get it? Mimi and Fifi! (Although, Mom prefers 'Fe' and not Fifi, but hey, it was close!)
So, anyways, after we walked down Portobello Road, we took the bus back and walked a little bit through Hyde Park, past Kensington Palace-where Lady Diana lived after the divorce.

And then past the Prince Albert Memorial.

It was a nice walk, but we were all glad to get back to where we could eat some food..we were hungry!
Let's see...That was just Saturday.
Sunday, we went to church, checked email, and went back to the flat (apartment) for lunch/dinner. We wanted to go to St. Paul's for evensong, but it was storming, with lightning and everything, so we decided to hold off on that. We waited around, and then when the sun came back out-as it inevitably does-we headed out for a walk. This time, we walked past Harrod's and Harvey Nichol's, then down the road toward the Wellington Memorial and Buckingham Palace. We ended up walking all the way down to Big Ben, then around to Trafalgar Square, and then took the tube back. Here are some of our pics from that walk...
Mom and Peggy at one of the memorials at Wellington's Monument (there were lots of monuments to Wellington...)

Mom, walking up to take pictures of flowers in St. James' Park.

Me, in a London phone booth. :)

And Peggy!

And Mom!

Big Ben!

Mom and Peggy, standing at the geographic center of London, from which all distances are measured. This is right by Trafalgar Square.

Ok, then we took the tube (subway) back to South Kensington Station and to Mom's Flat. We had a small dinner of egg salmon sandwiches, which was delicious after all that walking, and headed to bed. It was a great day. Oh, I think we might have played a little round of Boggle. Of course, I let Peggy beat me (actually she kicked my butt. She had one ridiculously great round and I never could catch up!)

All in all, the first two days were outstanding. But that's all there's room for in this post, I'll write more later.


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