Saturday, March 7, 2009

About my wife

Well so for those of you that don't know Pam is in England for the week visiting her mom, which is of course totally fair since I visited England about 4 months ago. But now here I am stuck at home alone, and I have been having a tough time lately... The Navy and the Enterprise are beating me down, it really sucks having a job where people can be rude, fowl, and just horrible human beings and not only not get punished but get rewarded... but that is not what this post is about.

This is about Pam, my best friend. She takes care of me, and keeps me headed in the right direction. I tell her just about every day how much she means to me and how much better my life is because of her, but I without her here to tell, I realized that I should let the world know =)

Today for example, she is thousands of miles away, but she called me and we talked briefly. during the short conversation I helped convince her to work out which she really wanted to do, and in return she challenged me to work out. I needed her challenge... I needed it bad, I was so not going to even though I know I should. But her little nudge kicked me in the butt and made me do what I should. Of course now that I have worked out I feel great and am so glad I did. But most of all I am so glad to have Pam in my life... Thank you dear, I am thrilled to be growing up with you!

PS: Sorry for the sappy love not on the blog, but it is our blog! =)


  1. yeah, that was pretty sappy! :) just kidding. i can't believe she is in london, away from us. how could she do this to us? i know, i know, it is good she is there, i'm just kinda jealous.
    if you need to, you can come over any time! :) we are always here, and the boys would love to see you.

  2. Just so you know, I am also so glad that you convinced me to work out, bc even though I am sore and a little tired today, I feel good about doing it.

    Thanks babe. Hang in there. I love you.

  3. Well, it might be sappy, but it was nice to read anyway!

    It's great to find more Va Beach bloggers!