Monday, March 30, 2009

On Broken Bones...

So, Saturday, we ran a 5K, if you guys didn't guess from my excited postings earlier. It was a blast, and I definitely think we should do more of them in the future. Unfortunately, Saturday afternoon, Matt and I were walking to the car to go grocery shopping. Matt said, "Ow!" I didn't see what he did, and he says that he was just walking and he got a sharp pain in his foot. That's no good. Well, it was ok, it hurt, but he was able to hobble around while we shopped, and I made him stay off it on Saturday evening. Sunday rolled around, and his foot was feeling pretty good. But then came his attempt to fix the brakes on the car.....Well, first he got the tire on the front passenger side off-no problem. Except one of the wheel bolts stripped out and is no good. Yikes! Then came the front driver side wheel. Boy did he have some problems with that one! Needless to say, he was barely able to manage to put it back together into driveable condition. We still have to take it to the mechanic who has some better tools to fix it completely (that will happen on Wednesday). What does all that have to do with his foot? Well, the whole project involved a lot more walking than he anticipated, and his foot was hurting pretty badly by Sunday night. Then, this morning when he woke up and put his foot on the ground to get up, he screamed like a girl. Ok, not really. But his foot hurt really bad. Any pressure at all sent sharp pains shooting up his leg. What to do? Hobble to the ship, wait around for medical call? Or go to the emergency room? Well, I decided for him. We headed to Portsmouth Naval Hospital emergency room. I knew that we weren't going to get fast care, since it wasn't an actual emergency. But we were eventually seen, and x-rays were taken. The doc says that even though no fracture showed up on the x-ray, it is not uncommon for fractures to not show up so soon after an injury. He recommended that we get another x-ray taken on Friday, about a week after the injury. If there is a fracture, it will show up by then. In the meantime, Matt needs to use crutches and stay off his foot! Well, they don't quite know what to do with him on the ship, since he got 7 days of LLD (Light Limited Duty), so he basically has to call in every day and muster until Monday. I know that it is going to kill him to be home and not be able to work on a whole lot while he is here. And it kills him that I have to do so much for him. But I don't mind taking care of him. And, Bonus!, I get to spend extra time with him this week! I am always happy for that!

Ok, well, I just got done working out, and I need to shower and go to bed. I have a bunch of stuff to do tomorrow, including a dentist appointment, plus homework, and I have to go to the elementary school and get some more hours in.

Talk to you guys later,

PS. I am only 2 days away from completing my first round of P90X. Looks like I'll be starting Round 2 on Thursday! Yeah! Go me! :0)

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  1. hey... any chance it could be plantar fasciitis? I have a freind w/it and it kinda sounds familiar...