Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It is a good thing the garden doesn't mind cooler weather...

So, yesterday was overcast, humid, and warm. Today, I thought it would be the same, but instead, it is overcast, humid, and chilly! But, luckily, my garden is doing AWESOME! In fact, I even have some beans starting to sneak up through the soil, I have one squash that poked up, and my tomatoes are loving the rain! All in all, doing pretty well. Here's some pics:

My tomato forest :)

A little squash plant, peeking it's head up.

My radish/carrot/lettuce bed. As you can see, the radishes are doing quite well. They are in the far half of the bed. The sprouts in the near bed are the lettuces. And the carrots, well, I don't expect them for a couple more weeks. :)

Isn't springtime fun?


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