Saturday, April 11, 2009

Strawberries anyone?

Well, my garden is taking off. I'm so excited, because my first radishes started to come up yesterday (see the last picture). Also, my strawberries are maturing nicely. It is exciting to see the plants growing that I planted. :)

Do you see it? That's a little baby radish that is coming up through the soil. By the end of the day, there were a couple dozen sprouts pushing up through the dirt.

:) How cool is that? Pretty soon we'll be having radishes in our salad (the lettuce just started to come up this morning), strawberries on our waffles, and before we know it, we'll have green beans, squash, and tomatoes. I'm way excited for this summer.



  1. Oh how exciting! Mine have all been planted but haven't even sprouted yet...just a few days now. Awww :-) I'm hoping to have a good tomato crop!

  2. Guess what? I haven't even thought of planting anything yet because the ground is still frozen!!! Maybe in May, we'll have to see.