Monday, April 27, 2009

What do you need to walk 2000 steps?

Oh, and about 15 minutes. :)

So, I decided to try to fix my pedometer, and I think it worked. Every time I stopped during my walk, checked the number, counted ten steps, and checked again, it was right on. I think the worst part is when I'm just moving in a small space, and I jiggle the pedometer. It makes it think I'm walking more than I really am.

Anyways, I was hitting my afternoon/evening slump, and thought I would beef up my walking numbers for the day. BTW, 2000 steps is just about a mile for me. :) For some reason, I thought that the route I decided to walk was my 1.5 mile route, and when I got back and looked at the mileage on the pedometer, it only said .99 miles. So I was terribly confused, until I got on google maps and sorted it all out. It was my 1 mile route that I walked. Whew! I was afraid I had broken the pedometer even more than I thought! :) At least the steps are fairly accurate. I feel better now using it more. I'll just try not to drop it again. If I can manage that, that is.

I had a fun day today. I worked out really early (5am) and ate breakfast. I called Kate, thinking I would watch the boys for her while she did her challenge, but she's not doing her challenge until tomorrow, so she didn't need me to. I was more sad than I expected, so I offered to watch the boys for her while she cleaned her house-Monday is cleaning day. She decided to take me up on the offer and dropped the boys off around 9am. She came to pick them up around 1230. We had a fabulous time. We played in the backyard: looked at bugs, worms, and bees. Played croquet, watered plants, pulled weeds. We also had breakfast and lunch and watched a movie. We were pretty busy, and the day was pretty warm, so the boys were HOT! Sweaty! Kate came to pick them up, and Parker said, "I want to come over to your house and play again in a few minutes!" He doesn't quite have a good concept of time, but that is ok. I got the point. He kept saying to me "I love you, Mimi!" at random times. It was so cute! Preston is getting to be much easier to understand. He says my name, Mimi anyways, and most of the time I can understand what he wants. I can definitely tell his "yes!" from his "no!" which makes my life easier. So, if I'm not sure what he is saying, I can ask him a question that he can answer and it usually works out.

Matt has duty today :( So I won't get to see him until tomorrow night. Late. B/C my class tomorrow night won't get out until around 10pm. I'm not looking forward to that class. Even though it is the last class and it will be a "pot luck" dinner/snack session, the topic at first will be on death and dying. I'm not sure I'm ready to talk about that subject. Just reading the chapter on it had me in tears...

Anyways, I think it is almost time for me to eat some dinner. I'm having Roasted Red Pepper Spread Sandwiches. Yumm....Maybe I'll post the recipe. It is so easy!

All righty then. I'll write again later!!!


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