Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Beautiful Spring Day

Yet another one. I could get used to this! The weather started out beautiful this morning. I woke up early to get Matt's breakfast and lunch together, and saw him out the door. Then, I worked out, even though it was supposed to be my "rest" day. I get one of those every week, and mine falls on Wednesdays. But, since I ate some junk last night at our class party, I decided to workout to burn some of those extra calories. Boy, do I feel sore! Yesterday, I went with Kate to her health challenge down at the beach. We ran in the sand and I ended up running over a mile and a half in the sand. The dry sand, too, not the hard-packed stuff down by the water. Also, we ran uphill, just to make it harder ;) Anyways, after THAT workout, I feel pretty sore this morning. So working out in the morning was difficult, but I made it through. Then, lo and behold, Kate calls up and says she wants to go to First Landing State Park and go on a "hike." (There aren't many hills or mountains, so really a "walk".) I agreed, and we took the three kids in the stroller and headed out. Kate had on her pedometer, and I think we ended up walking 3.5 miles. Most of the time Kate was talking to Penny, so that took her mind off the walking. And Parker and Preston did so well! They kept getting excited b/c along the way there are replicas of the Native American houses. They called them "caves" and all they wanted to do was eat some lunch in them. Well, Kate had brought snacks, so we let them! How cool is that? Also, at our halfway point was a little park, and the boys got to play. They had a blast, as usual. They're pretty easy to entertain. I had a great morning, lots of fresh air and a little bit of sunshine (we were walking through the trees). The temperature has cooled down just a bit since then, but it is still really pleasant. I could get used to weather like this! I'm not looking forward to summer with its energy-sapping humidity. Oh, and my plants are loving it, too.

My tomato "trees" :)

Mmmmm....Leafy, green lettuce!

My squashes are coming along nicely!

As are my radishes!

And finally, I have some strawberries ready to harvest today!

Now, doesn't that make you want to plant a garden for yourself? :)

Anyways, I'm doing pretty well today. Other than the fact that I have spent about 20 minutes with Matt since Sunday, things are great. The house is clean (sort of), I have no homework (except to study for a final), and I can just relax for a minute until Matt gets home. Hopefully soon!

Ok, well, guess I'll putz around on the computer for a bit.


UPDATE-Well, see that juicy, red strawberry in that picture? The really big on right in the front? Well, it sure did taste good! YUMMY!

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