Sunday, July 13, 2008

40 Miles

Ok, so I can't believe we did it, but we did. We rode 40 miles today. I haven't been feeling well all week, but I decided I wanted to not be a wimp and just do it. So Matt and I rode our bikes to Sandbridge. (!) Seriously, we did. Our plan was to go to Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge, but by the time we got to Sandbridge beach, we had gone 20 miles, and we decided not to add another 10 to our journey.

We ate lunch on the beach, watched the surfers (yes, the waves were decent) and then rode back. I won't lie; I had trouble on the way back. My illness has made me very weak. But with only a few stops along the way, we made it back home. Now I can't move, but that is ok. I don't have much to do this afternoon anyways.

On a side note, we're looking forward to having Peggy for a little bit. She's driving down from Ohio either tomorrow or Tuesday. It should be a fun visit. She'll be staying at my house, but I bet most of her time will be spent with Kate. School just keeps me too busy.

Oh, and another thing. How did my husband neglect to tell me he's on leave this week? He swears that he sent me an email telling me about it, but when did he send it, in January? Not that I'm mad, or anything. In fact, I'm ridiculously happy. I love it when he's home. He took leave so he could work on the photos he took at a wedding on Saturday. So far, the pics are looking great. Of course. Not that I would expect anything different.

My hair is short. I know no one is surprised, but sometimes I forget and run my fingers through my hair, and then I realize--it's gone. :( But I do like it. It's really cute, and easy to manage, and I don't even really have to comb it if I don't want to. I'm sure I'll get tired of it and grow it out again. But that's ok. That's me.

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