Sunday, July 20, 2008


So, something happened to me today, and I really wanted to blog about it, just go off and say what I was really feeling. But I think that some of the people who read my blog would get offended, so I decided not to. If anyone is really interested, you should call me! I'll give you the scoop.

Ok, Matt and I are going to go to bed early tonight. We've been staying up way too late the last week, and we need to get used to hitting the sack early. So, off to bed.

I'll blog more later, maybe. I guess that's the thing with a public blog. Either you care about the people who read it or you don't. I care. So I won't go off. :)

Love you all.

PS. My hand hurts! I hurt it on the beach on Friday, and it still hasn't healed. Ugh, nothing worse than a sore on your right palm. Do you realize how much you use your right hand?

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