Monday, July 28, 2008

With flowers in her hair....

Ok, so Matt and I rode our bikes this evening, and I guess I ran into a tree or something, because Matt just pulled 7 tiny flowers from my hair....hmmm...weird, huh.

So I'm trying out a new website. It is called gas free commute and I am going to keep track of miles I've ridden, and how many gallons of gas I save. Also, it tracks calories I've burned, which will be interesting.

Ok, in case I haven't talked to everyone about my theory, here it is.... is there a belief gene? And is it related to blood type? I don't know, but here's my theory. Consider that Mom has A+ blood, and Dad had O+ blood. Now, as far as I know, Mike, Peggy, Beth, and Kate each have A+ blood (I haven't heard from Jill yet). And so far, Pam, Penny, and probably Marie have O+ blood. (Matt doesn't know, and I haven't heard from Lani). I think you all can connect the dots.... :) It is all in fun. You know, Mike and I had were talking (via email) and he used to try to convince his high school biology teacher that red hair is not recessive. How could it be, when 6 out of 10 of us have red hair? Mike's teacher would respond that our family is purely anecdotal but hey, if it can't be seen in practice, right?
Anyways, the other part of my theory, which Mike debunked for me yesterday, was that this was all connected to hair color as well. Red hair is recessive, and O is a recessive blood type too. So, maybe the red heads inherited the O blood type. But since Mike turned out to be A+ (and a believer) then there goes that theory. It would be fun to see what Lani's, Jill's, and Matt's blood types are, just to wrap up the whole story, wouldn't it? (hint, hint)

So, I tried to stop in at Kate's today and pick up "Twilight" so Matt could start reading it tonight, but they weren't home. I guess they went out for FHE. Darn! I was hoping Matt could take the book with him to duty. :( Oh, well.

I'll write more later.


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