Monday, July 7, 2008

Tornados and Hurricanes

Check out this picture that my Aunt Stormy sent. This is taken from my cousin Stephanie's house in Slidell, LA. That is the Lake Ponchartrain bridge. It's pretty crazy, isn't it? Its a good picture.

Here's the email she sent, explaining the photo:

Look at this tornado!!! This picture was taken from Stefanie's back
yard. The tornado was right by the twin span of I-10 that crosses Lake
Ponchartrain from New Orleans to Slidell. As close as it looks here, it
is actually about 1and 1/2 miles closer to my apartment. Right after
this picture was taken another tornado formed right next to this one.
We raced to pick up all the lawn furniture and potted plants. Mike and
Chris went down to the bottom of the yard to tie up Mike's jet ski and
make it more secure. They just had a little dock built on the water so
that we could fish and dock the jet skis and Randy's boat down there.

Fortunately, the two tornadoes evaporated before hitting that
bridge....and there were cars being driven on the interstate when that
tornado was there.

Just another exciting day out here in little ole Slidell. By the way,
Phil (my brother) caughter a 48 lb drum fish on the dock on July
4th...that was exciting too!!!!

Love, Stormy

Ok, so I hope everyone else is enjoying better weather where ever you are. As for myself, with the news of a "hurricane bertha" in the Atlantic, I really ought to get my hurricane preparedness kit in order. Hmm...maybe I'll get right to that. :)


  1. hurricane bertha??? I guess I better turn on the news and see what's happening, huh?

    Love you girl!!!

  2. Yeah, the first named hurricane of the 2008 season. I'm pretty sure it's not going to hit anywhere near us, and we have a lot of time if it does, but still. No time like the present to get ready, right?