Saturday, July 19, 2008


Ok, I have a confession to make. I'm reading the Twilight series, and I like it. It's funny, because I didn't think I would. So many others like it, and I just thought I would think it was ok. But I think it's really good. I don't know what it is about the series. It isn't even written that well. The plot is ok. But something just draws you in and makes you want to know more. Maybe because it takes place in a small town. I can relate to that. But it is more than that. Maybe there's a small part of me that just wants to be Bella, and have the most gorgeous guy in the world fall in love with her (me). Well maybe that already did happen. I have my Edward. And he'll love me forever, just as I'll love him.

On a side note, I was looking at a friend's webpage, and was looking at some pictures she took at Shi Shi Beach, in Washington. Well, I googled it, and Shi Shi is just north of La Push, actually I think it's part of the reservation. Here's a picture:

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I don't think my friend has read the books yet, but I'll definitely have to get her into them, don't you think? (For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, well, you'll just have to read the Twilight books, too. They aren't tough to read, and they are surprisingly fun.)

Anyways, I made it through the week, thank goodness. It was a slightly stressful week, but this semester is almost over (FINALLY) and then a short break. It's been fun to have Matt home this week. Maybe that is why I haven't really blogged; he keeps me too busy. :) Cleaning the house, that is. :)


  1. Are you sure it wasn't having house guests that kept you up way too late?

    And I know what you mean about the Twilight books. They are addictive.... :) Maybe on your cross country bike ride, you'll have to swing on up and see your friend. I"m sure they'll enjoy it.

  2. Pam! hey, it's Jen Mechling ... i am so with you on the Twilight thing. I resisted for a long time but now I can't put them down. That is TOO funny that you put on a map ...